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July 2, 2024
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Kabila V2 is finally live!

Almost two years ago, we founded Kabila out of frustration.

As creators and entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience launching online businesses, we've experienced first hand, the challenges of the digital landscape.

The frustration of spending years and years building on the Internet to finally realize that nothing belongs to us.

The most critical aspect of any business, its community or audience, is controlled by just a handful major platforms that profit from our efforts.

We invested thousands of dollars, hours, and energy in building our communities on someone else's land.

We’ve been tenants, never owners.

Our followers and the monetization opportunities they represent are not ours to control.

If you want to move your community from one social network to another, you can't.

If you want to monetize your community directly, you can't.

If you're suspended by mistake and need to fix it, you can't.

The digital public square is no longer public.

But, just as the email protocol changed communication forever, a new open protocol with endless possibilities, the blockchain, is changing ownership dynamics.

And Brand NFTs are here to help us regain ownership of the Creator-Fan relationship.

Thanks to the revolutionary Hashgraph technology and Hedera Token Service, our first Kabila V1 platform helped creators:

-> Launch over 150 NFT Projects

-> Mint more than 100,000 NFTs

-> Sell over $300,000 worth of NFTs

And we believe this is just the beginning of Hedera NFTs.

Now, with the launch of Kabila V2, we have hit a significant milestone in our mission to empower creators and communities worldwide to regain control, monetization, and ownership of their social spaces.

To achieve this, we've been working tirelessly for over two years, and collaborating with hundreds of creators who provided invaluable insights into their needs.

Our journey has taught us that a robust NFT Toolkit isn't enough.

We need to cover the entire user journey for creators and users alike. Here's what we're offering:

- Wallet: A secure and user-friendly Non-Custodial Wallet for creators to manage assets, connect with DApps, and onboard their communities seamlessly. Available on Chrome, iOS and Android.

 - Tools: A complete NFT Toolkit that's no-code and easy to use, enabling creators to create, launch and manage NFT Collections effortlessly while retaining full control.

 - Market: A space offering the best NFT releases and a rewarding mint experience. Something for which Kabila has been repeatedly recognized: “Smooth Mint!”

 - Academy: Creating good tools isn't sufficient. We're committed to educating creators and communities about the possibilities of NFTs and why it's worth exploring.

 - Plazas: Our final DApp, launching in 2024, where tokenized communities come together to connect, share, learn, and thrive.


These five elements, coupled with our community's unwavering support, are creating a global ecosystem to assist creators in regaining control of their communities and the value they create online.

Our goal is to provide more and better tools for financing ideas, connecting people, enabling creators to pursue their true passions, and fostering a truly decentralized, open, and fair social space.

This is just the beginning of a journey, we'll continue for years to come.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our community for their unwavering support. Every day, since day one.

To all creators who trusted Kabila to create, launch and manage their projects.

To our investors, who believed in us during challenging times.

 And to Swirlds Labs, The HBAR Foundation, and The Hashgraph Association for their steadfast financial, strategic and technical support.

We’re committed to keep working hard to provide the best NFT experience on Hedera, for all creators and communities who want to regain ownership and control.

This will be a fun ride and we welcome every single one of you, to join us in this journey.


We’ll own again. And we’ll prosper together.