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and manage your NFT Community.

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Tools, lots of tools.

Save time and hassle. Simplify the creation, launch and management of your NFT community. Everything you need, in one single platform.

Creator Gallery

Visualize and manage your NFT creations.

NFT Creation

Create a token and mint
identical or different NFTs.

IPFS Manager

Upload and manage your
NFTs metadata to IPFS.

Art Engine

Randomly generate your
PFPs art and metadata.

NFT Launchpad

Create and manage your own NFT launchpad.

Smart Lists

Take snapshots with
multiple combinations.

Bulk Sender

Easily send hundreds or
thousands of tokens.

Token Manager

Manage your tokens with the token keys.

FT Creation

Create and mint new fungible tokens.

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  • 3-Month Creator Pass - 13.30$ / Month
  • 6-Month Creator Pass - 11.65$ / Month
  • 12-Month Creator Pass - 7.90$ / Month
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Enjoy a complete and easy-to-use platform that makes working with NFTs a breeze.

We've handled the technical so you can concentrate on creating and building your community.

Fixed, predictable fees.

Say goodbye to the madness of ever-changing gas fees. Hedera not only provides the most budget-friendly fees but also ensures stability by offering fixed fees linked to the dollar value. Plan ahead with confidence and without unexpected hiccups.

Creator Pass Pricing.

19.90 $/Month
59.70$ ANNUAL
14.90 $/Month
178.80$ ANNUAL
17.90 $/Month
107.40$ ANNUAL

Tools Usage Fees

IPFS Manager

IPFS Upload - 0.05$/Metadata Upload

Bulk Sender

NFT Bulk Sender - 0.05$/NFT
FT Bulk Sender - 0.02$/Account


Launchpad Creation -> 19$
Launchpad Sales Fee -> 4.9%/Sale
Free Mint Fee -> 0.1$/NFT

Art Engine

Art Generation - 0.05$/Image
IPFS Upload - 0.05$/Metadata Upload

FT Creation

FT Creation or Mint -> 1.90$

Smart Lists

Dynamic List Generation -> 0.90$

Token Manager

Burn NFTs -> 0.05$/NFT Burn
Burn FTs -> 1.90$/Burn
Pause Token -> 1.90$/Pause/Unpause

Wipe NFTs -> 0.05$/NFT Wipe
Wipe FTs -> 1.90$/Wipe

Freeze/Unfreeze -> 0.90$/Account

Update Treasury -> 0.90$/Update
Update Token -> 0.90$/Update
Update NFT Metadata -> 0.05$/NFT

Reset Token Key -> 0.90$/Update

NFT Creation

Token Creation - 1.90$
NFT Mint - 0.05$

Hedera Fees

Crypto Transfer Fee


Token create


Token Burn


Mint Single NFTs


Token Pause/Unpause


Mint Bulk NFTs

~0.02$ - 0.05$

Token Wipe


FT Mint

~0.001$ / Mint

Token Freeze/Unfreeze


Token Update


Schedule Transaction


Token Allowance


All Hedera fees are approximate, as the final fee depends on specific transaction details.

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