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Robust, fair mints

High-demand mints can lead to thousands of buy petitions in a very short timeframe. We've engineered a Launchpad that can handle a massive amount of petitions, fairly and smoothly.


The Kabila Market's Launchpad incorporates cutting-edge technologies from
both the Web2 and Web3 worlds.

Leveraging Hashgraph, it can process thousands of transfer requests on the network in less than 3-4 seconds.

Fair access

Everyone should have equal opportunities during a high-demand NFT launch.
That's why we've developed a dedicated algorithm to impartially organize and
process all purchase requests.

Ensuring timely processing for all petitions upon click.

Blind minting

To ensure a truly blind mint, we require a 2-Step Process:

First users give Token Allowance, and secondly, Kabila handles the operation.
This approach ensures that purchasers do not know the NFT Serial they'll be minting until after the purchase is completed.

Hedera’s leading NFT Launchpad

Launch or mint NFTs with the smoothest experience with Kabila’s self-service launchpad. More than $1,500,000 USD in NFT sales volume!

Thousands of NFTs

Discover thousands of different NFTs from amazing creators, brands and communities.
List and purchase within seconds and make offers for your favorite NFTs.

Enjoy monthly rewards

Each month, all users can earn extra rewards based on their market activity. Check the leaderboard for current rankings, and enjoy a Bonus Prize if you make it into the Top 15!

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Market FAQs

How do I create and list an NFT on the marketplace?
You can create your NFT collections through the Kabila Tools platform. Once you've created your collection, you have two ways to sell your NFTs. First, you can create a Launchpad through Kabila Tools. Second, you can list your NFT collection on Kabila Market by going to your Profile -> List Collection, and then setting a specific price for each NFT on your Profile listings.
What fees are associated with buying or selling NFTs on the platform?
Kabila Market charges a 2% transaction fee on each NFT secondary purchase. Creators using the Launchpad incur a 4.9% fee on each sale, applied to their sales.
What are the Tiers on each Launchpad?
At Kabila, we've implemented a 3-Tier Verification System: Social Media Tier verifies ownership of claimed social media accounts, Doxxed Tier confirms public or private identity disclosure, and Featured Tier is the highest rank attainable by meeting quality criteria. Learn more about our verification tiers here: Project Tiers.
What are the benefits for $KBL and Kabila NFT holders?
All $KBL holders enjoy a progressive fee discount ranging from 0% to 25%, based on the amount of $KBL staked, up to 100,000 $KBL. Additionally, holders of Kabila NFTs receive further discounts.
How can I participate in the monthly seasons to earn rewards?
There are 12 Seasons per year, each starting and ending monthly. By buying and selling NFTs, you accumulate points. At the end of the season, you can claim rewards based on your total points from your profile. Additionally, there's a surprise Bonus Prize every month for the Top 15 users!
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