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Robust, fair mints

High-demand mints can lead to thousands of buy petitions in a very short timeframe. We've engineered a Launchpad that can handle a massive amount of petitions, fairly and smoothly.

The Kabila Market's Launchpad incorporates cutting-edge technologies from
both the Web2 and Web3 worlds.

Leveraging Hashgraph, it can process thousands of transfer requests on the network in less than 3-4 seconds.

On the Web2 front, an internal system has been implemented to effectively handle bot attacks, spam, and enchance overall minting performance.

Everyone should have equal opportunities during a high-demand NFT launch.
That's why we've developed a dedicated algorithm to impartially organize and
process all purchase requests.

Ensuring timely processing for all petitions upon click.

*Please be aware that processing speeds may be influenced by connection speeds and server location. Additionally, fair access does not guarantee a successful purchase request, particularly during highly competitive NFT launches!

To ensure a truly blind mint, we require a 2-Step Process:

First users give Token Allowance, and secondly, Kabila handles the operation.
This approach ensures that purchasers do not know the NFT Serial they'll be minting until after the purchase is completed.

Make informed

We believe transparency is key when it comes to NFT projects.

That's why we've implemented a Tier-System and 5 documentation sections: Description, Team, Roadmap, Social Media and Documents.

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