A wallet that's truly yours.

Easily manage your assets and connect with Hedera's best DApps.

Available on Chrome, Android and iOS.

Your keys,
your world.

The Kabila Wallet has been crafted for simplicity, to help you navigate the Web3 ecosystem easily and securely, while being in total control of your assets.


Your keys. Your assets.
Your world.

Account Management

Create, import & manage
your Hedera accounts

DApp Connector

Connect and interact with
your favorite DApps.

Token Swaps

Easily swap Hedera tokens with the lowest fees.

NFT Gallery

Collect, transfer or simply
stare at your Hedera NFTs!

Safe Trade

Safely sale and buy NFTs


See, explore and download
your history of transactions.


Natively stake your HBAR
and start earning rewards.

Key Management

Securely access or reset
your private key.

Security first

The Kabila Wallet has been engineered from the ground up with top-notch security features:

  • Keys never travel and are always stored locally and securely using AES-256 GCM authenticated encryption.
  • Face ID recognition and/or code access for added protection on mobile devices.
  • Pre-sign security alerts and information for all DApp operations.

Connect with the best DApps

Enjoy a secure and seamless one-tap access between your Wallet and your favorite Hedera DApps.

*Integrations may depend on DApps implementing the new Wallet Connect standard.

Manage your Assets

Easily manage your Hedera accounts and assets with an intuitive interface:

  • Create, import and manage your Hedera accounts.
  • Purchase, transfer, swap and receive HBAR and HTS tokens with ease.
  • Collect, manage and sell NFTs safely.
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Wallet FAQs

How can I create a Wallet?
To create, import, and manage one or several Hedera accounts in your Kabila Wallet, simply download the app from the Chrome Store, Google Play, or the App Store, and follow the provided steps in the app. To learn more about account creation, check this link: Account Creation and Import.
What is a non-custodial Wallet?
A non-custodial wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet where you have full control over your private keys and funds. Unlike custodial wallets, where a third party holds your private keys, non-custodial wallets ensure that only you have access to your assets. Learn more here: Non-Custodial.
What happens if I lose my Seed Phrase or Private Key?
If you lose your seed phrase or private key, you will permanently lose access to your cryptocurrency wallet and the funds it contains. There is no way to recover your wallet without them, as they are the only means to access and manage your assets securely. Always back up and securely store your seed phrase and private key.
How do I purchase HBAR?
To buy $HBAR tokens, unlock your account and click on "Buy HBAR." A pop-up will appear where you can select the payment currency and specify the total amount you want to purchase. Depending on the amount, the C14 OnRamp provider might require personal details (KYC) to process the payment. You can pay with a credit/debit card or bank transfer. Once the purchase is completed, it may take several minutes to a few hours for the tokens to appear in your account. Learn more here: HBAR Purchases.
Can I import my Hashpack Wallet?
Of course! Wallets are simply account managers. As long as you keep your seed phrase safe, you can import and use your Hedera account on one or multiple wallets simultaneously.
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